Genesis – “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” (1974)

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway


A1 – The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
A2 – Fly on a Windshield
A3 – Broadway Melody of 1974
A4 – Cuckoo Cocoon
A5 – In the Cage
A6 – The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging
B1 – Back in N.Y.C.
B2 – Hairless Heart
B3 – Counting Out Time
B4 – The Carpet Crawlers
B5 – The Chamber of 32 Doors
C1 – Lilywhite Lilith
C2 – The Waiting Room
C3 – Anyway
C4 – The Supernatural Anaesthetist
C5 – The Lamia
C6 – Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats
D1 – The Colony of Slippermen (The Arrival – A Visit to the Doktor – The Raven)
D2 – Ravine
D3 – The Light Dies Down on Broadway
D4 – Riding the Scree
D5 – In the Rapids
D6 – It

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